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 Jenni's Trading Extravaganza!

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Jenni's Trading Extravaganza! Empty
PostSubject: Jenni's Trading Extravaganza!   Jenni's Trading Extravaganza! I_icon_minitimeMon May 31, 2010 7:28 am

Welcome to Jenni's Trading Extravaganza!! Request as you please,
and please make shure your trades are fair. Thank you!
BABV Name: PrincessFluffy74
BC Name: JεηηιsHεαrt❤️
Preferred Time: When both traders are online BC & BABV.
Pawlette Cofour: I have alot, you can just ask ;]
CURRENT Bearville Outfitters: I have Credits, you can ask me to get some ;D
Smocked Legging Tops and Bottoms (pink, purple, blue)
Tiered Tulle Skirt (yellow, pink, sea green)
Fancy Dress (blue, pink, purple)
Satin Heart Dress (red)
Love Bug Outfit (sea green)
Striped Elf Dress Top & Bottom (red)
Plush Boots (blue)
Sweater Boots (Grey, Red)
Lace Bow Dress (melon-red-ish orange)
Baseball Uniform Bottom (Bearville outfitters - Red, Pink)
Girl Pirate Skirt (black, blue)
Frog Flower Pajamas (blue bottom - full outfit, pink)
Tye Died Flower Tank (Red & Black flowers)
Which Costume Outfit *full* (blue)
Heart Hoodie (grey, sky blue)
Rinestone Dress (pink, sky blue, purple)
Maxine Bear Head Slippers
Love Hugs Peace Script Tee (grey)
*Retired* Hula outfit TOP (top only)
Tiered Dress (Black)
Ruffle Skirt Top and Bottom (pink)
*Retired* Hello Kitty Hawaii Outfit (full - purple - Skirt Only, Pink)
*Retired* Grey Leapord Top (tops only - purple ish pink, red)
*Retired* Polka Dot Belted Outfit (full - purple)
*Retired* Satin Heart Dress (pink and black hearts)
Cheerleader Outfit (full - pink)
*Retired* Criss Cross Tank Top (royal blue)
*Retired* Sequin Fairy Dress (royal blue)
*Retired* Extreme Hoodie Outfit (Full-Blue)
*Retired* Floral Dot Dress (black)
*Retired* Holly Moose Top & Bottom
*Retired* Which Costume (purple)
*Retired* Stripes and Denim Top (royal blue)
*Retired* Dance Star Hoodie (blue - top only)
*Retired* Butterfly Tops (Light Pink, Hot Pink)
*Retired* Fuzzy Clogs (neon/bright green)
Snowflake Blue Mittens
Jeans with Patches
Owl Shirt
Week-end Dress
Pawlette Cofour: Just Ask ;]
CURRENT Bearville Outfitters: I have Credits, Just ask ;]
Fountian Items: I have alot of current and retired ones, just ask me ;D
Press/Reporter Hat
Flower Top Hat
Bear Glasses
Lace Bow Dress Bow (Red)
Silver Cell Phone (blue)
Ice Skater Outfit Earmuffs (red)
Polar Bear Hat
Saftey Sash
Smocked Rinestone Bow (red, pink)
Guitar Set Scarf (blue and pink)
Friendship Bracelet
Giant Cookie
Cheerleader Oufit Hairlocks (blue)
*Retired* Satin Bags (sky blue, blue, red)
Owl Hat
Sun Tote
Bakers Apron Set (x2)
Rainbow Sunglasses (x2)
*Retired* Snow Angel Halo
*Retired* Patriotic Princess Bows (Sea Green, Pink)
*Retired* Gem Purses (pink, blue, sky blue)
*Retired* Ice Skater Muffs (pink)
*Retired* Satin Holiday Bow (pink)
*Retired* Satin Holiday Purse (pink)
*Retired* Girl Elf Ribbon
Shamrock Hat
Peace Headband
Aquamarine Pendant
Purple Diva Headset (x2)
Amethyst Pendant
Camo Bandana
2009 New Years Glasses
Garnet Pendant
Candy Necklace
Red and Green Scarf
Santa Beard
Red and Green Earmuffs
Five Gold Rings
Hal Moose Hat
Citrine Pendant
Snowflake Pendant
Domino Mask
*Retired* Witch Hat (purple)
Pirate Hat
Boas (blue/green, Purple)
Cupcake Hat
Martian Antenna
Opal Pendant
Drum Major Hat (blue)
Rainbow Hat
Bear Stuff Store: Just askkk!! Razz
CURRENT Bearville Outfitters: I have the credits, dude. Just Ask. :l
Store Fur All Seasons: I have Retired Items & Current, I guess. Just Ask, please :]
Tiki Picnic Table
Graduation Poster
Plate of Nachos (x3)
Interactive Armoire
BABW Christmas Tree
Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpeice
Climbing Wall (working)
Mum's Seeds
Mystery Seed
*Retired* Canvas Swing Set (NOT WORKING)
Iced Tea
Above Ground Pool
Fire Hydrant
Pawlette Cofour:
Retired Heart Print Tees (HPTS - tell me which color you have please ;])
GLITCHED Pawlette Quest Tees
Bearville Outfitters:
Tired Tulle Skirts (not pink, yellow or sea sea green, please!)
Retired Items???
Pawlette Cofour: None at the moment.
Bearville Outfitters: Gem Purses, Quilt Purses, Buffulo Checkered Hat, or any retired items Very Happy
(please tell me which colors you have them in first!)

Furry Boots
Grand Tiara
Tiara With Gems
*Retired* All-Star Baseball Caps!!
Announcers Desk
Retired Items
Manager/Employee Items (except lightbulb hat)
Please only trade bold for bold please!
Please feel free to offer anything that's not on my wants list....
Request Away!
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Jenni's Trading Extravaganza!
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